Results for 2013-2014 Forensics for Milbank High School--I will try to update each week so keep checking back!!

NFL District Congress Morgan Jones--1st Alternate to Nationals
Kasey Schmidt--3rd Alternate to Nationals
Milbank Congress Cancelled because of Weather
East River Congress
Brianna Schreurs--Outstanding Speaker in Experienced House
UDFL Congress Kiera Leddy--Outstanding Presiding Officer--Experienced House
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Superior Speaker Ex. House 1
Emily Pillatzki--Superior Speaker Ex House 2
Jamie Mundwiler--Nominated in Ex House 2
Kadon Leddy--Outstanding Speaker Inex House 2
Shauna Pauli--Superior Speaker Inex House 2
State Debate
Class A Team Runner-up
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Original Oratory Champion
Brianna Schreurs--Original Oratory Runner-Up
Emily Pillatzki and Morgan Jones--Runner-up in Public Forum Debate
Jeremy Dalldorf and Brianna Schreurs--Quarter-Finalist in Public Forum debate
Kiera Leddy--Semi-Finalist in LD
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Semi-Finalist in LD
Morgan Jones--Runner-up in International Extemp
Jeremy Dalldorf--Fourth in International Extemp
Emily Pillatzki--Fourth in US Extemp
Connor Lightfield--Seventh in US Extemp
Leading Chapter Award
Kiera Leddy--fifth in Lincoln/Douglas Debate
Rebekah Tuchscherer--6th in Original Oratory
Harrisburg Challenge
Sweepstaies--2nd in Class A
Connor Lightfield--1st in Novice LD
Alexis Gonzalez--3rd in Novice Extemp
Lewis and Clark
Class A Team Champions
Connor Lighfield--Finalist in Novice Extemp
Alexis Gonzalez and Connor Lighfield--Runner-up in Novice Public Forum debate
Speech Fiesta Class A Sweepstakes--2nd
Connor Lightfield--3rd in Novice Extemp
Alexis Gonzalez--Finalist in Novice Extemp
Morgan Jones--Fourth in Dramatic Interp
SFL Silver Bowl Class A Sweepstakes--3rd place
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Champion in JV LD Debate
Connor Lightfield and Alexis Gonzalez--Semi-finalists in Novice Public Forum Debate
PMJ Debate--Shanley Team Sweepstakes--2nd place
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Runner Up in Novice LD
Sharon Folk and Rachel Johnson--Quarterfinalists in JV LD
Megan Thomas and Brianna Schreurs--Quarterfinalists in JV LD
Kasey Schmidt and Trevor Schmidt--Quarterfinalists in JV LD
Bell Sweepstakes--Class A 1st
Cadon Leddy--5th in Novice Extemp
Connor Lightfield and Cadon Leddy--4th in Novice Public Forum
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Novice LD Champion
Novice Watertown IE Christopher Loutsch--1st in Interp
Connor Lightfield--3rd in Extemp
Shauna Pauli and Rebekah Tuchscherer--3rd in Duo
Alexis Gonzalez--5th in Novice Extemp
Jeremy Dalldorf--3rd in Novice Extemp
Macie Redmond--3rd in Novice Original Oratory
Emily Pillatzki and Shaun Pauli--2nd in Varsity Public Forum
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Novice LD Champion
Jeremy Dalldorf and Brianna Schreurs--1st in Novice Public Forum
Hannah Rick and Macie Redmond--2nd in Novice Public Forum
Kadon Leddy and Connor Lightfield--3rd in Novice Public Forum
Lisa Sippel Debate Jeremy Dalldorf and Kadon Leddy--1st in Public Forum
Hannah Rick and Rebekah Tuchscherer--2nd in Public Forum
Macie Redmond and Allison Grear--3rd in Public Forum
State Oral Interp
Team--School of Excellence

Superior in Humorous--Megan Thomas
Superior in Poetry--Emily Pillatzki
Superior in Oratory--Brianna Schreurs
Superior in Readers' Theatre--Brianna Schreurs, Michael Miller, Rebecca Wieting, Jamie Mundwiler, Megan Thomas, Sharon Folk
Golden Eagle Cup
2nd in Class A Sweepstakes
Rebekah Tuchscherer--3rd in Novice Original Oratory
Connor Lightfield --5th in Novice Extemp
Region Interp Region Iv Team Champions
Readers Theatre Champs--Sharon Folk, Jamie Mundwiler, Megan Thomas, Rebecca Wieting, Brianna Schreurs, Michael Miller
Drama Champion--Morgan Jones
Prose Champion--Jacob Erickson
Oratory Champion--Brianna Schreurs
Qualifler in Humorous--Megan Thomas
Qualifier in Poetry--Emily Pillatzki
Alternate in Duet--Shauna Pauli and Rebekah Tuchscherer
Watertown Novice Debate 2 Serena Lee and Jadin Rudebusch--1st place in Public Forum
Watertown Novice Debate  
Brookings Novice Debate  
Pumpkinstakes 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes
Jeremy Dalldorf--Novice Extemp Champion
Brianna Schreurs--4th in Non-Original Oratory
Brookings Fall Festival

Brianna Schreurs--First Superior in Oratory
Megan Thomas--First Superior in Humorous
Morgan Jones--First Superior in Drama
Christopher Loutsch--First Superior in Drama
Readers' Theatre (Jamie Mundwiler, Megan Thomas, Rebecca Wieting, Michael Miller, Brianna Schreurs, and Sharon Folk)--First Superior
Shauna Pauli and Rebekah Tuchscherer--First Superior in Duet Interp
Morgan Jones--First Superior in Oratory

Rosholt Raider Invitational Rebekah Tuchscherer--First Superior in Oratory

NSU Oral Interp 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes
Emily Pillatzki--1st in Poetry
Morgan Jones--2nd in Drama
Jacob Erickson--5th in Drama
Rebekah Tuchscherer--2nd in Non-Original Oratory
Brianna Schreurs--3rd in Non-Orginal Oratory
Morgan Jones--5th in Non-Original Oratory
Megan Thomas--4th in Humorous
Jamie Mundwiler--5th in Humorous
Readers' Theatre--Michael Miller, Sharon Folk, Jamie Mundwiler, Megan Thomas, Rebecca Wieting, Brianna Schreurs--5th Place
Coach Douglas Tschetter also received the Coaching Award that was named in his honor--Douglas Tschetter Excellence in Coaching Award
Arlington Festival
Megan Thomas--Superior Plus in Humorous
Jacob Erickson--Superior Plus in Drama
Morgan Jones--Superior Plus in Drama
Kadon Leddy--Superior Plus in Oratory
Rebekah Tuchscherer--Superior Plus in Oratory
Brianna Schreurs--Superior Plus in Oratory
Readers' Theatre--Megan Thomas, Jamie Mundwiler, Rebecca Wieting, Sharon Folk, Michael Miller, and Brianna Schreurs--Superior Plus
Milbank Novice Oral Interp Festival
Kala Loehrer--First Superior in Humorous
Jeremy Daldorf and Christopher Loutsch--First Superior in Duet
Rebekah Tuchscherer and Shauna Pauli--First Superior in Duet
Rebekah Tuchscherer--First Superior in Oratory
Readers' Theatre--Macy Redmond, Allison Greaves, Jillian Spiering, Caden Bjordahl, Sarah Ward, Taylor Balling--First Superior
Florence Invitational
Brianna Schreurs--Superior Plus in Oratory
Morgan Jones--Superior Plus in Oratory
Kala Loehrer--Superior Plus in Humorous
Megan Thomas--Superior Plus in Humorous
Morgan Jones--Superior Plus in Drama
Jeremy Daldorf and Christopher Loutsch--Superior Plus in Duet
Milbank Oral Interp Festival Shauna Pauli--First Superior in Humorous
Readers' Theatre--Rebecca Wieting, Brianna Schreurs, Michael Miller, Megan Thomas, Jamie Mundwiler, Sharon Folk--First Superior