Supe2010-2011 MHS Forensics Results

Milbank Oral Interp Festival 1st Superior--Brent Seehafer--Oratory

1st Superior--Rebecca Schrupp--Poetry

Deuel Interp Jeremy DeVaal--second place in oratory

Team was third in Class A Sweepstakes

Milbank Novice Interp 1st Superior--Katie Loutsch--Prose

1st Superior--Rebecca Schrupp--Poetry

1st Superior--Morgan Jones--Drama

1st Superior--Jacob Erickson--Drama

1st Superior--Sam Grorud and Katie Loutsch--Duet

NSU Interp 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Brent Seehafer--Oratory Champion

John Ward, Jesse Nelson, Mitch Wagner, Brent Seehafer, Sam Grorud and Tim Whelan--Readers' Theatre Champions

Brenna Rausch--4th in Serious Drama

Sam Grorud--4th in Humorous

Arlington Festival 1st Superior--Jesse Nelson--Poetry

1st Superior--Taylor Welberg--Poetry

1st Superior--Brent Seehafer--Oratory

1st Superior--Timothy Whelan, John Ward, Mitchell Wagner, Brent Seehafer, Sam Grorud--Readers' Theatre

O'Gorman Criterion 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Brent Seehafer--Class A Performer of the Day

Brent Seehafer--4th in Oratory

Readers' Theatre--John Ward, Mitchell Wagner, Jesse Nelson, Tim Whelan, Sam Grorud, Brent Seehafer--4th

Brookings Fall Festival 1st Superiors

Readers' Theatre--Sam Grorud, Brent Seehafer, Tim Whelan, Jesse Nelson, Mitchell Wagner, John Ward

Jeremy DeVaal--Humorous and Oratory

Jeremy Welberg--Poetry

Pumpkinstakes Class A Sweepstakes Champion

Dezmond Ward--Superior (60 of 60 points) in Discussion

Nathaniel Steinlicht--Novice Extemp Champion

Rachel Johannsen--Novice Extemp Runner-up

Roosevelt Roughrider Class A Sweepstakes Champion

Seth McDonald--Second place (4-0) in Novice Lincoln/Douglas

Dell Rapids Quarrier Interp 1st Superiors

Brent Seehafer--Oratory

Taylor Welberg--Poetry

Jeremy DeVaal--Humorous

Sam Grorud, Timothy Whelan, Jesse Nelson, Mitch Wagner, John Ward, Brent Seehafer--Readers' Theatre

Jesse Nelson--Poetry

Brookings Novice Debate
Aberdeen Golden Eagle Cup 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Nathaniel Steinlicht--Novice LD Champion

Nathaniel Steinlicht--2nd in Novice Extemp

Taylor Welberg--Finalist in Poetry

Rebecca Schrupp and Rachel Johannsen--Finalist in Duet

Region Interp Readers' Theatre advance to state--John Ward, Tim Whelan, Jesse Nelson, Brent Seehafer, Sam Grorud and Mitch Wagner

Brenna Rausch advances to state in Serious Plays

Watertown Novice Debate
State Interp Team of Excellence Award

Superior--Brenna Rausch--Drama

Superior--Readers' Theatre--Jesse Nelson, Brent Seehafer, Sam Grorud, John Ward, Timothy Whelan, Mitchell Wagner

UDFL Brent Seehafer and Brenna Rausch--2nd in Public Forum

Tim Whelan and John Ward--3rd in Public Forum

Dylan Fox, Audrey Souza, Allwin McDonald, and Dezmond Ward--3rd in B Policy

No Individual Events were held--Snow

Lisa Sippel Novice Debate Seth McDonald and Sierre Baumgart--1st Public Forum

Morgan Jones, Tori Remington, Dezmond Ward, and Allwin McDonald--2nd--also Record Ribbons

Dylan Fox and Jacob Erickson--Record Ribbons

Justin Maass Novice Debate
Watertown Novice Individual Events Allwin McDonald--1st in Extemp

Katie Loutsch and Sam Grorud--tied for second in extemp

Rachel Johannsen and Sierra Baumgart--tied for 1st in Oratory

Tori Remmington--2nd in Oratory

Audrey Souza--3rd in Oratory

Bell Debate and IE Class A Sweepstakes Champions

Nathaniel Steinlicht--Novice Extemp Champion

Sam Grorud--3rd in Novice Extemp

Allwin McDonald--Finalist in Novice Extemp

Tori Remington--3rd in Novice Oratory

Rachel Johannsen--Finalist in Novice Oratory

Jacob Manlove--Finalist in Varsity Foreign Extemp

Jesse Nelson--Semi-Finalist in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Tori Remington--Speaker Award in Novice Policy

Taylor Welberg--Speaker Award in Novice Policy

Morgan Jones,Tori Remington, Allwin McDonald, Taylor Welberg--1st in Novice Policy Debate


Fargo Shanley PMJ Debate 1st in Small School Class Sweepstakes

Mitchell--Wagner--Quarterfinalist in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

Seth McDonald--2nd Place in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

John Ward and Timothy Whelan--Octofinalists in Varsity Public Forum Debate

Audrey Souza and Taylor Seehafer--2nd Place in Novice Public Forum Debate

Lincoln Silver Bowl 3rd place in Speech Sweepstakes (no class division)

Tie for 3rd in Class A Debate

Katie Loutsch--Champion in Novice Extemp

Allwin McDonald--5th in Novice Extemp

Watertown Speech Fiesta 3rd place in Class A Sweepstakes

Seth McDonald--Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate Champion

Rebecca Schrupp--3rd in Novice Extemp

Tori Remington--4th in Novice Oratory

Yankton Lewis and Clark Class A Sweepstakes--2nd Place

Mitchell Wagner--3rd in LD Debate

Rachel Johannsen--1st in Novice Oratory

Tori Remington--3rd in Novice Oraotry

Rebecca Schrupp--1st in Novice Extemp

Katie Loutsch--4th in Novice Extemp

Sam Grorud--5th in Novice Extemp

Jesse Nelson--6th in Varsity US Extemp

Harrisburg Challenge Class A Sweepstakes--2nd Place

Jesse Nelson--3rd in US Extemp Speaking

Seth McDonald--5th in Novice Lincoln/Douglas debate

Northern SD NFL District Tournament Team Traveling Trophy for Most Accumulated Rounds

Mitchell Wagner--6th in LD Debate

State A Debate and IE Tournament Class A Team Runners-up

Mitchell Wagner--Class A LD Champion

John Ward and Timothy Whelan--Class A Public Forum Champions

Jesse Nelson--Class A US Extemp Champion

Mitchell Wagner--Class A Runner Up US Extemp Speaking

Nathaniel Steinlicht--Class A Runner Up in Foreign Extemp Speaking

John Ward--Class A 3rd place in Foreign Extemp Speaking

Rachel Johannsen--Class A 3rd Place in Original Oratory

Nathaniel Steinlicht--Class A 6th Place in Original Oratory

Brenna Rausch and Brent Seehafer--Quarter-finalists in Public Forum Speech

Aberdeen Congress Brent Seehafer--Superior Speaker in Experienced House

Morgan Jones--Outstanding Speaker in Inexperienced House

Tori Remington--Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House

Allwin McDonald--Outstanding PO in Inexperienced House

Kasey Schmidt--Outstanding PO in Experienced House

UDFL Congress Mitch Wagne--Thurman Award winner

Kasey Schmidt--Outstanding PO in Inexperienced House

Taylor Seehafer--Outstanding PO in Inexperienced House

Jacob Erickson--Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House

East River Congress-Brookings Rachel Johannsen--Outstanding Speaker in Experienced House 2

Brent Seehafer--Outstanding PO in Experienced House 2

Kasey Schmidt--Outstand PO in Inexperienced House 2

Morgan Jones--Outstanding Speaker in Inexperienced House 2

Milbank Congress Emma Christensen--Outstanding Presiding Officer Experienced House 1

Brent Seehafer--Outstanding Speaker Experienced House 1

Kasey Schmidt--Outstanding Presiding Officer Inexperienced  House 1

Taylor Seehafer-- Outstanding Presiding Officer Inexperienced House 2

Morgan Jones--Superior Speaker Inexperienced House 2

Northern SD NFL District Tournament Brent Seehafer--2nd Alternate to NFL National Congress in House 3

Mitchell Wagner--Karl E Mundt Award for LD Speaking