This page contains results for Milbank High School Forensics for 2007-2008.  After each contest I will post major awards or highlights on this webpage.  Check back to see how the team is doing this year!

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Milbank Oral Interp Festival 1st Superior--Laura Streich in poetry

1st Superior--Reader's Theatre (Jeremy DeVaal, Sarah Miller, Scott Athey)

Milbank Novice Interp Festival 1st Superior--Amanda Lambrechts in Oratory
NSU Oral Interp Sweepstakes--Class A Team Championship

Scott Athey--2nd in Drama

Laura Streich--3rd in Poetry

Daniel Tuchscherer--3rd in Humorous

Readers' Theatre-- Sarah Miller, Scott Athey, Jeremy Devaal--3rd in Readers' Theatre

Brent Seehafer--4th in Humorous

Sarah Miller and Aarron Schuelke--4th In Duo

Daniel Tuscherer and Laura Streich--5th in Duet

Arlington Interp Festival Superior Plus ratings

Scott Athey--Drama

Breanna Dirksen--Prose

Kylie Poel--Oratory

Laura Streich--Poetry

Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer--Duo

Daniel Tuchscherer--Humorous

Aarron Schuelke--Humorous

Brent Seehafer--Humorous

DSU Oral Interp Contest Brent Seehafer--Fourth in Honor Finals

Megan Ludwig--Fifth in Honor Finals

Scott Athey--Fifth in Honor Finals

Brookings Fall Festival First Superiors--

Daniel Tuchscherer--Humorous

Laura Streich--Poetry

Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer--Duo

Kylie Poel--Oratory

Megan Ludwig--Oratory

Pumpkinstakes 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Laura Streich--2nd in poetry

Amanda Lambrechts--4th in Original Oratory

Discussion Awards--Nicole Buchele, Mitch Wagner, Natalie Reynen, Emily Endrizzi, Kevin Reedstrom, and Megan Johnson

Roosevelt Roughrider Debate 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Tanya Baldwin and Danielle Dearborn--Champions in Varsity Public Forum Debate (4-0)

Kristin Lentz--Champion in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate (4-0)

Laura Streich--3rd in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate (4-0)

Kylie Poel and Megan Ludwig--4th in Junior Varsity Policy Debate

Dell Rapids Interp 1st Superiors--Kylie Poel--Oratory

                     Kylie Poel--Prose

Golden Eagle Challenge Sweepstakes--Class A Team Championship

FOUR Individual Events Champions--

Natahsa Hartman--Novice Original Oratory Champion

Kristin Lentz--Varsity Foreign Extemp Champion

Laura Streich--Poetry Champion

Kylie Poel--Prose Champion

Kylie Poel--2nd in Non-Original Oratory

Megan Ludwig--3rd in Non-Original Oratory

Amanda Lambrechts--5th in Non-Original Oratory

Amanda Lambrechts--4th in Novice Original Oratory

Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer--3rd in Duet Interp

Scott Athey--5th in Serious Drama

Jeremy De Vaal, Breanna Dirksen, Scott Athey--3rd in Readers' Theatre

Region 4 Interp The following qualified for the state interp meet:

Kylie Poel--Prose

Jeremy DeVaal, Sarah Miller, Scott Athey--Readers Theatre

Laura Streich--Poetry

Daniel Tuchscherer--Humorous

Kylie Poel--Oratory

Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer--Duet

Watertown Novice Debate Natasha Hartman and Amanda Lambrechts--1st in Novice A

Nicole Buchele, Brenna Rausch, Megan Johnson, Natalie Reynen--1st in B Debate

USF Cougar Classic 1st in Class A Sweepstakes
Aberdeen Central Ringneck Novice Debate Amanda Lambrechts and Natasha Hartman--1st in Novice A

Tommie Bohn and Cole Cameron--2nd in Novice A

State Interp Team of Excellence Award

Superior ratings

Laura Streich in Poetry

Kylie Poel in Non-Original Oratory

Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer in Duet Interp

Kylie Poel in Serious Prose

Excellent ratings

Readers' Theater team of Jeremy DeVaal, Sarah Miller, Scott Athey

Daniel Tuchscherer in Humorous

NDSU Debate  
Lisa Sippel Novice Debate 3rd place--Hanna Werling, Cole Cameron, Megan Johnson, Corissa Schultz

Undefeated RIbbons--Megan Johnson and Corissa Schultz, Emily Endrizzi and Sarah Cannedy

Justin Maass Novice Debate Mitchell Wagner and Kevin Reedstrom--Undefeated ribbons
UDFL Debate and IE Conference Champion in Lincoln/Douglas debate--Kristin Lentz

Novice Interp Conference Champion--Brent Seehafer

Experienced Original Oratory Conference Champion--Kylie Poel

Serious Interp Conference Champion--Kylie Poel

Duet Interp Conference Champions--Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer

Experienced Policy Debate--3rd--Kylie Poel and Megan Ludwig

Inexperienced Policy Debate--3rd--Tommie Bonn, Josh Grabow, Amanda Lambrechts, Natasha Hartman

Public Forum Debate--2nd--Katie LaRoche and Scott Athey

Lincoln Douglas Debate--Heidi Kirchner--3rd

Experienced Extemp--Kristin Lentz--2nd, Scott Athey--4th

Inexperienced Extemp--Nicole Buchele--3rd, Mitchell Wagner--4th, Josh Grabow--5th

Inexperienced Oratory--Brenna Rausch--3rd

Humorous Interp--Daniel Tuchscherer--2nd, Aarron Schuelke--3rd

Duet Interp--Sarah Miller and Aarron Schuelke--2nd

Novice Interp--Jeremy De Vaal--2nd; Kjersten Ydstie--3rd

Serious Interp--Laura Streich--2rd, Scott Athey--4th

Watertown Novice Individual Events Hannah Werling--3rd in B Extemp

Josh Grabow--5th in A Extemp

Tommie Bohn--3rd in Original Oratory

Bell Debate and Individual Events 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Megan Ludwig and Kylie Poel--5th in Junior Varsity Policy Debate

Megan Ludwig--Speaker Award in JV Policy

Nicole Buchele--Speaker Award in Novice B Policy

Kristin Lentz--3rd in Varsity Foreign Extemp

Megan Ludwig--4th in Varsity Foreign Extemp

Katie LaRoche--Finalist in Varsity US Extemp

Amanda Lambrechts--Finalist in Novice Original Oratory

Natasha Hartman--Supposed to be a Finalist in Novice Original Oratory (tab error prevented her from being included)

Fargo Shanley PMJ Invitational Class A Sweepstakes--1st

Aarron Schuelke and Ashley Dailie--Champions in Novice Public Forum

Ellie Reynen and Kelsey Johnson--Semi-finalists in Varsity Public Forum

Scott Athey and Katie LaRoche--Quarter-finalists in Varsity Public Forum

Heidi Kirchner--Semi-finalist in JV Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Kristin Lentz--Semi-finalist in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Sioux Falls Lincoln Silver Bowl and Public Forum Class A Sweepstakes--3rd place

Katie LaRoche--2nd in Honor Finals of US Extemp

Speech Fiesta Class A Sweepstakes--1st place

Kristin Lentz--1st in Varsity Foreign Extemp

Natasha Hartman--2nd in Novice Original Oratory

Corissa Schultz--Finalis in Novice Extemp

Aarron Schuelke and Corissa Schultz--Semi-finalists in Novice Public Forum Debate


Lewis and Clark Debate and IE

2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Individual Event Finalists

Heidi Kirchner--6th--Varsity Original Oratory

Kylie Poel--4th--Dramatic Interp

Daniel Tuchscherer--Humorous Interp  Champion

Ellie Reynen and Kelsey Johnson--4th in Varsity Public Forum Debate

Kristin Lentz--4th in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Karl E Mundt Invitational 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Natasha Hartman--4th in Novice Oratory

Breanna Dirksen and Daniel Tuchscherer--Champions in Junior Varsity Policy Debate

National Forensic League District Tournament UPDATE NATIONAL QUALIFER---Kristin Lentz--Double Qualified in Lincoln/Douglas Debate and Foreign Extemp.  She is only allowed to participate in one event at nationals and selected foreign extemp.


NATIONAL QUALIFIERS--Laura Streich and Daniel Tuchscherer in Duo Interp--1st place

Megan Ludwig made the final round of International Extemp and placed 7th.

Heidi Kirchner made the final round of Original Oratory and is the first alternate to national competition.

Kelsey Johnson and Ellie Reynen won sixth place in Public Forum.

State Debate Class A Team Runner-up

Kristin Lentz--Class A Foreign Extemp Speaking Champion

Heidi Kirchner--Class A Original Oratory Champion

Megan Ludwig--3rd in Class A Foreign Extemp

Natasha Hartman--4th in Class A Original Oratory

Katie LaRocher--4th in Class A US Extemp Speaking

Scott Athey--5th in Class A US Extemp Speaking

Kristin Lentz--Class A Lincoln/Douglas Debate Champion

Ellie Reynen and Kelsey Johnson--Semi-Finalists in Public Forum Debate

Heidi Kirchner--Semi-Finalist in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Scott Athey and Katie LaRoche--Quarter-Finalists in Public Forum Debate

East River Congress Scott Athey--Superior Speaker in Varsity House 1

Laura Streich--Superior Speaker in Varsity House 2

Amanda Lambrechts--Outstanding PO in Inexperienced House 3

Natasha Hartman--Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House 3

Also Nominated as Top Speaker in their Houses were Jacob Manlove and Mitch Wagner

Upper Dakota Forensic League Student Congress Kristin Lentz--JoAnn Thurman Memorial Award winner

Tanya Baldwin--Outstanding Presiding Officer in Varsity House

Ellie Reynen--Outstanding Speaker In Varsity House

Megan Ludwig--Superior Speaker in Varsity House

Laura Streich--Superior Speaker in Varsity House

Natasha Hartman--Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House

Amanda Lambrechts--Outstanding Presiding Officer

Also Nominated for Top Speaker in their houses included:  Breanna Dirksen, Mitch Wagner, Tommie Bohn, Cole Cameron, Corissa Schultz

Milbank Congress Megan Ludwig--Outstanding Speaker in the Varsity House

Natasha Hartman--Outstanding Speaker in Inexperienced House 2

Mitch Wagner--Outstanding Presiding Officer in Inexperienced House 2

Amanda Lambrechts--Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House 1

Corissa Schultz--Nominated for top speaker in Inexperienced House 1

Deuel Congress Corissa Schultz--Outstanding Speaker in Inexperienced House 1

Amanda Lambrechts--Outstanding Presiding Office AND Superior Speaker in Inexperienced House 2

Sarah Cannedy--Nominated as a top speaker in Inexperienced House 2

Jacob Manlove--Nominated as a top speaker in Inexperienced House 1

Megan Ludwig--Nominated as a top speaker in Experienced House 2

National Forensic League District Congress Tournament Kristin Lentz--Awarded a Harold Jordan Award for Individual Events

Ellie Reynen--1st Alternate to Nationals in House 1

Megan Ludwig--3rd Alternate to Nationals in House 2

Scott Athey--2nd Alternate to Nationals in the Senate