2006-2007 Forensic Results---I will post updates with top results on this webpage.  Check back weekly to find out how the MHS team is doing.




The MHS National Forensic League chapter was honored at the beginning of the school year as a member of the 200 club. This means that MHS has over 200 active degrees among its members. That places our chapter in the top 5% of chapters nationwide. This year MHS was also given the Leading Chapter award for the Northern South Dakota NFL district. The award is a cumulative effort for the past ten years.


The MHS Oral Interp team enjoyed a successful season. At the six contests that had team awards, Mibank captured first four times and second twice. The team also won the Region 3 team sweepstakes award this year. At the state festival, five MHS entries received superior awards, the highest award given. This accomplishment earned them a team award as a school of excellence. No other Class A school managed more superiors at the state festival. The squad also won the team award for Academic Excellence under the guidelines of the SDHSAA.


The Debate and Individual Event team also had success as well . They attended either contests that awarded team awards. Milbank was champion at five of them and runner-up at three of them. At the State Contest, which was abbreviated to a one-day contest because of a storm, Milbank was named Class A Runner-up. Kristin Lentz enjoyed a successful end of the season run as she was the Class A Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking Champion as well as earning the right to represent Northern South Dakota NFL District at the national contest this summer in Wichita. The team also was awarded the Academic Excellence Award.


While Student Congress does not have team awards, many individuals were honored at each contest for their efforts. Several students are alternates in Student Congress to the national contest.



Milbank Oral Interp Festival Alex Weber--1st superior--prose

Alex Weber and Katie Jones--1st Superior--duo

Dillon Lichtsinn--1st Superior--Humor

Deuel Oral Interp Festival 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes
Milbank Novice Interp 1st superiors--

Scott Athey--Drama

Matt Kurtz--Drama

Alyssa Page--Prose

NSU Oral Interp Contest 1st in Class A

Dillon Lichtsinn--Humorous Champion

Dillon Lichtsinn, Katie Jones, Laura Streich, Steph Woods--Readers' Theatre Champions

Katie Jones and Alex Weber--Duet Champions

Alex Weber--Prose Runner-up

Kylie Poel--Oratory Runner-up

Alyssa Page--Prose, Third Place

Scott Athey--Drama, Fifth Place

Scott Athey, Kylie Poel, Aarron Schuelke, Breanna Dirksen, Megan Ludwig--Readers Theatre, Fifth Place

Arlington Oral Interp Superior Plus with Perfect points--Dillon Lichtsinn in Humorous

Superior Plus--Duet--Alex Weber and Katie Jones, Kylie Poel and Megan Ludwig, Daniel Tuchscherer and Carly Poppen

Superior Plus--Poetry--Laura Streich

Superior Plus--Oratory--Kylie Poel

Superior Plus--Drama--Scott Athey

Superior Plus--Prose--Alex Weber

Superior Plus--Humorous--Daniel Tuchscherer

Superior Plus--Readers' Theatre--Dillon Lichtsinn, Steph Woods, Laura Streich, Katie Jones

DSU Oral Interp (Madison, SD) 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Alex Weber--Finalist in Prose

Kylie Poel--Finalist in Oratory

Pumpkinstakes 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Matt Kurtz--2nd in Novice Extemp

Megan Ludwig--5th in Novice Extemp

Outstanding and Superior Discussants and Leaders Awards--Josh Grabow, Scott Athey, Caitlin Endrizzi, Kylie Poel, Danielle Dearborn

Roosevelt Roughrider 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Breanna Dirksen and Daniel Tuchscherer--3rdin novice A Debate

Aberdeen Golden Eagle Cup 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Kylie Poel--Champion in Non-Original Oratory

Dillon Lichtsinn--Champion in Humorous Interp

Scott Athey--Drama Finalist

Kristin Lentz--Varsity Foreign Extemp Finalist

Megan Ludwig-Novice Extemp Finalist

Heidi Kirchner--Varsity Original Oratory Finalist

Daniel Tuchscherer--Runner-Up in Novice Original Oratory

Breanna Dirksen--3rd in Novice Original Oratory

Novice B Policy Debate--3rd place--Emily Humpton, Natasha Hartman, Amanda Lambrechts, Rachel Patnoe

Novice Lincoln/Douglas Debate--Laura Streich--3rd place

Novice A Policy Debate--Jon Fuller and Matt Kurtz--3rd place

Junior Varsity Policy Debate--Kristin Lentz and Heidi Kirschner--3rd place

Region Interp 1st in Sweepstakes

Dillon Lichtsinn--1st in Humorous, State Qualifier

Kylie Poel--1st in Non-Original Oratory, State Qaulifier

Alex Weber--1st in Serious Prose, State Qualifier

Alex Weber and Katie Jones--1st in Duo, State Qualifer

Laura Streich--2nd in Poetry, State Qualifier

Scott Athey--2nd in Serious Drama, State Qualifier

Watertown Novice Debate Kylie Poel and Megan Ludwig--1st in A Policy Debate

Matt Kurtz and Jon Fuller--2nd in A Policy Debate

Aberden Novice Debate Novice B--1st--Aff--Natasha Hartman and Emily Humpton--3-0;  Neg--Chris Zubke and Brian Roehrich--3-0 for a combined 6-0 record

Novice A--Breanna Dirksen and Daniel Tuchscherer--3rd

USF Cougar Interp 1st--Class A Sweepstakes

Dillon Lichtsinn--3rd in Humorous

Readers Theatre--Stephanie Woods, Laura Streich, Katie Jones, Dillon Lichtsinn--3rd

State Interp Team of Excellent Squad award

Scott Athey--Superior in Serious Drama

Laura Streich--Superior in Poetry

Kylie Poel--Superior in Oratory

Alex Weber and Katie Jones--Superior in Duo

Dillon Lichtsinn--Excellent in Humorous

Alex Weber--Superior in Serious Prose

Lisa Sippel Debate--Groton Undefeated ribbons--Danielle Mogard and Megan Ludwig

2-1 ribbons--Kylie Poel and Corissa Schultz, Dylan Kurtz and Matthew Kurtz

Maverick--Jon Fuller

Justin Maass Memorial Novice Debate 2nd--Corissa Schultz, Caitlin Endrizzi, Natasha Hartman, Emily Humpton, 5-1

3rd--Jon Weber, Dylan Kurtz, Tommie Bohn, Josh Grabow--4-2

Undefeated Ribbons--Corissa Schultz and Caitlin Endrizzi

2-1 Ribbons--Tommie Bohn and Josh Grabow, David Ehlebracht and Cole Cameron, Natasha Hartman and Emily Humpton, Dylan Kurtz and Jon Weber, Brian Roehrich and Chris Zubke,

UDFL Katie Laroche--3rd in LD

Alex Weber and Scott Athey--3rd in Public Forum

Kristin Lentz and Heidi Kirchner--3rd in A Policy

Megan Ludwig, Kylie Poel, Dan Tuchscherer, and Breanna Dirksen--1st in B Policy

B  Extemp--Scott Athey--Champion; Megan Ludwig--3rd, Matt Kurtz--4th

A Extemp--Kristin Lentz--5th

B Original Oratory--Breanna Dirksen--4th

A Original Oratory--Katie LaRoche--3rd

Serious Interp--Scott Athey--2nd, Dillon Lichtsinn--3rd

Humorous Interp--Dillon Lichtsinn--Champion

Novice Interp--Aarron Schuelke--Champion

Duo Interp--Daniel Tuchscherer and Carly Poppen--3rd


Novice After School Individual Events Scott Athey 1st in Extemp

Matt Kurtz 3rd in Extemp

Daniel Tuchscherer 2nd in Original Oratory

Bell Debate and IE 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Tanya Baldwin--Top Speaker Award in Novice A Debate

Breanna Dirksen and Daniel Tuchscherer--4th in Novice A Debate

Scott Athey--4th in Novice Extmp

Fargo Shanley 2nd in Small school (Class A) Sweepstakes

Patrick Bray and Lee Alexander--2nd place in Novice Public Forum debate

Danielle Dearborn and Tanya Baldwin--Semi-finalists in Novice Policy Debate

Kristin Lentz--5th place speaker award in Open policy debate

Scott Athey and Alex Weber--Should have been quarterfinalists in Open Public Forum but a tab room error was made and they were not included

Lincoln Silver Bowl/Washington Public Forum 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Kristin Lentz and Heidi Kirchner--Champions in JV Policy Debate

Danielle Dearborn and Tanya Baldwin--Champions in Novice Public Forum debate

Scott Athey--5th in Novice Extemp

Kelsey Johnson--5th in Novice Oratory

Speech Fiesta 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Dillon Lichtsinn--6th in Humorous Interp

Scott Athey--3rd in US Novice Extemp

Ellie Reynen--3rd in International Novice Extemp

Laura Streich--Semi-finalist in JV LD Debate

Alex Weber and Scott Athey--Semi-finalists in Varsity Public Forum Debate

Lee Alexander and Patrick Bray--Semi-finalists in Novice Public Forum Debate

Amanda Lambrechts--Speaker Award in Novice B Policy Debate

Tanya Baldwin--Speaker Award in Novice A Policy Debate

Yankton Lewis and Clark 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Kristin Lentz--4th in Foreign Extemp

Dillon Lichtsinn--2nd in Humorous Interp

Alex Weber--Third in Dramatic Interp

Ellie Reynen--Third in Novice Extemp

Danielle Dearborn--Fourth in Novice Oratory

Tanya Baldwin--Third in Novice Oratory

Matt Kurtz--4th in Novice Lincoln/Douglas

Danielle Dearborn and Tanya Baldwin--1st in Novice Public Forum

Patrick Bray and Lee Alexander--2nd in Novice Public Forum

Madison Mundt 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Lee Alexander and Patrick Bray--3rd in Novice Public Forum

Kelsey Johnson--3rd in Novice Oratory

Tanya Baldwin--Finalist in Novice Oratory

Dillon Lichtsinn--Finalist in Humorous Interp

Kelsey Johnson--Finalist in Novice Extemp

NFL Qualifiers Kristin Lentz--Qualifies for Nationals in Foreign Extemp

Dillon Lichtsinn--finalist in Humorous Interp

Alex Weber--finalist in Dramatic Interp

Dillon Lichtsinn--finalist in Dramatic Interp

Ellie Reynen and Kelsey Johnson--5th in Public Forum Debate

State Debate and IE Class A Team Runner-up!

Kristin Lentz--Foreign Extemp Champion

Scott Athey and Alex Weber--Public Forum Runner-up

Katie LaRoche--3rd in Class A Original Oratory

Heidi Kirchner and Kristin Lentz--Policy Debate Semi-finalists

Lee Alexander and Patrick Bray--Quarter Finalists in Public Forum

Scott Athey--4th in US Extemp

Matt Kurtz--5th in US Extemp

Matt Kurtz--Quarter Finalist in LD Debate

Katie LaRoche--Quarter Finalist in LD Debate

Upper Dakota Forensic League Congress Scott Athey--Outstanding Presiding Officer

Tanya Baldwin--Outstanding Presiding Officer

Ellie Reynen--Outstanding Speaker

Breanna Dirksen--Outstanding Speaker

Danielle Dearborn--Superior Speaker

Daniel Tuchscherer--Superior Speaker

Corissa Schultz--Superior Speaker

East River Student Congress Tanya Baldwin--Presiding Officer

Kelsey Johnson--Superior Speaker

Megan Ludwig--Nominated for Superior Speaker

Milbank Congress Amanda Lambrechts--Outstanding Presiding Officer

Corissa Schultz--Nominated as a top speaker

Outstanding Speaker--Ellie Reynen (Varsity)

Deuel Congress Tanya Baldwin--Outstanding Presiding Officer-Varsity House

Laura Streich--Outstanding Speaker--Varsity House

Ellie Reynen--Superior Speaker--Varsity House

Megan Ludwig--Nominated as top speaker

Amanda Lambrechts--Outstanding Presiding Officer--Novice House

Corissa Schultz--Outstanding Speaker--Novice House

Josh Grabow--Superior Speaker--Novice House

Northern NFL District Friday nominees for top speaker included:  Senate--Laura Streich and Ellie Reynen, House 1--Tanya Baldwin and Megan Ludwig,  House 2--Breanna Dirksen, House 3--Scott Athey

Alex Weber won a DDRoberts Award for Public Forum.  These went to the top four senior Public Forum Debaters.

Saturday nominees for top speaker included:  Laura Streich, Tanya Baldwin, Megan Ludwig, Scott Athey.

3rd Alternate for nationals in House 1--Tanya Baldwin

5th Alternate for nationals in House 2--Megan Ludwig

5th Alternate for nationals in the Senate--Ellie Reynen

6th Alternate for nationals in the Senate--Laura Streich

  Milbank won the "Leading National Forensic League Chapter" for the Northern South Dakota District for 1997-2006.  If you were an NFL member during that time, you are part of that award.  We have won it three times since 1950 when our charter was established--1987, 1997, and 2007.  Good job, kids!