2005-2006 Milbank High School Forensic Results--Major Awards at contests  (Oral Interp, Debate and Individual Events, Student Congress)
What a season!  The interp season kicked off the year with unmatched success.  After the first invitational contest where we placed second, the MHS group won sweepstakes at every invitational interp contest we attended.  This group also set a new standard at the state festival that squads will have to work hard to reach.  For the first time a Class A school received superiors in all seven categories! 


The debate season picked up where the interp season ended.  MHS won Class A sweepstakes at every invitational contest we  attended.  Where Class A and Class AA were combined, we finished no lower than third.  The State Class A contest found Milbank students claiming championships in all three of the forensics events--both extemps and original oratory, in addition to closing out Lincoln/Douglas debate and having semi-finalists in policy debate and public forum.  The team captured its third straight championship.   What a season!
NFL--Milbank ended the year with 249 members and degrees as of May 1st.  That is the highest number we have ever had.  Three Milbank students rank in the top 100 point getters nation-wide.  Not many schools in the nation can lay claim to that--I am sure they fit on one hand and a couple fingers are probably left over.  Jesse Liebe, Christopher Erickson, and Erik Lambrechts each are All-Americans.  That is not bad for a small high school in the rural Whetstone Valley of South Dakota. Student Congress season was also a successful one.  Milbank students won honors at each of the five contests attended.  While no team awards are given, individual awards are noted on the chart below.
Milbank Oral Interp Festival First Superiors

Drama--Jesse Liebe

Humor--Jami Buttke

Prose--Alex Weber

Readers Theatre--American Car (Dillon Lichtsinn, Alex Weber, Carly Dearborn, Jesse Liebe, Josh Ydstie)

Duo--Kaylee Mundwiler and Rhianna Tuchscherer

Deuel Interp 2nd in Class A Sweepstakes

Readers' Theatre--American Car--2nd place (Dillon Lichtsinn, Alex Weber, Carly Dearborn, Jesse Liebe, Josh Ydstie

The Foreign Exchange Student--3rd Place--Florian Rhinow, Jamie Buttke, Katie Jones, Kaylee Mundwiler, Rhianna Tuchscherer

Finalist in Humor--Jami Buttke

Milbank Novice Contest 1st Superior

Megan Ludwig--Oratory

NSU Oral Interp Contest 1st in Class AA/A Sweepstakes

Serious Drama Champion--Jesse Liebe

Serious Prose Champion--Jessica Page

Readers' Theatre Champion--The American Car--Josh Ydstie, Jesse Liebe, Carly Dearborn, Alex Weber, Dillon Lichtsinn

Duet Champions--Rhianna Tuchscherer and Jamie Buttke

Katie Jones and Dillon Lichtsinn--2nd place in duet

Josh Ydstie and Chris Erickson--3rd place in duet

Matthew Kurtz and Daniel Tuchscherer--6th place in duo

Alex Weber--4th in Prose

Erik Lambrechts--6th in Oratory

Katie Jones--4th in Poetry

Groton Interp 1st Superiors

Katie Jones--Poetry

Leah Streich and Laura Streich--Duo

Alex Weber--Prose

Jessica Page--Prose

Watertown Pumpkinstakes Varsity Extemp--Chris Erickson--2nd

Outstanding Discussion Leaders--Ellen Cameron.  Kristin Lentz

Outstanding Discussion Members--Scott Athey, Tanya Baldwin, Tanya Poel

Brookings Fall Festival 1st Superiors

Erik Lambrechts--Oratory

Jami Buttke--Humorous

Jesse Liebe--Drama

Katie Jones and Dillon Lichtsinn--Duo

Josh Ydstie and Chris Erickson--Duo

American Car (Josh Ydstie, Alex Weber, Carly Dearborn, Dillon Lichtsinn, Jesse Liebe)--Reader's Theatre

Katie Jones--Poetry

Roosevelt Roughrider 1st Class A Sweepstakes

Erik Lambrechts Champion in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas debate

Scott Athey and Ethan Light--4th in Novice Public Forum

Golden Eagle Debate and IE 1st Class A Sweepstakes

Varsity LD Champion--Erik Lambrechts

Varsity Foreign Extemp--Jesse Liebe--2nd

Serious Plays--Jesse Liebe--2nd

Watertown Novice Debate Novice B debate Champions--Daniel Tuchscherer, Matthew Kurtz, Breanna Dirksen, Megan Ludwig

Undefeated Awards--Stephen DeBoer and Andrew Leddy, Matthew Kurtz and Daniel Tuchscherer, Megan Ludwig and Breanna Dirksen

Region 3 Oral Interp MHS qualified in all seven events for the first time in history!

Jesse Liebe--Serious Plays

Jessica Page--Serious Prose

Katie Jones--Poetry

Dillon Lichtsinn and Katie Jones--Duet

Erik Lambrechts--Oratory

Jami Buttke--Humorous

The American Car, The American Dream--Alex Weber, Jesse Liebe, Carly Dearborn, Josh Ydstie, Dillon Lichtsinn--Readers' Theatre

Cougar Classic (USF) 1st--Class A Sweepstakes

Jesse Liebe--6th in Drama

American Car (Josh Ydstie, Dillon Lichtsinn, Jesse Liebe, Alex Weber, Carly Dearborn)--1st in Honors Readers' Theatre

Katie Jones--2nd in Honors Poetry

Alex Weber--5th in Honors Prose

Carly Dearborn--4th in Honors Humorous

Chris Erickson and Josh Ydstie--5th in Honors Duo

Ringneck Novice Debate 3rd place--Tanya Baldwin, Danielle Dearborn, Ellie Reynen, Kelsey Johnson

Undefeated--Kelsey Johnson and Ellie Reynen, Scott Athey and Ethan Light

State Oral Interp Team--Team of Excellence Award with SEVEN Superior entries--This is the first time a Class A school has accomplished this!

Serious Drama--Jesse Liebe

Reader's Theatre--The American Car, The American Dream--Carly Dearborn, Alex Weber, Dillon Lichtsinn, Josh Ydstie, Jesse Liebe

Poetry--Katie Jones

Oratory--Erik Lambrechts

Duo--Dillon Lichtsinn and Katie Jones

Serious Prose--Jessica Page

Humorous--Jami Buttke

Lisa Sippel Memorial Debate 3rd place--Danielle Dearborn, Tanya Baldwin, Megan Ludwig, Laura Streich

Undefeated Ribbons--Megan Ludwig and Laura Streich, Daniel Tuchscherer and Breanna Dirksen

Justin Maass Memorial Debate Public Forum--Ethan Light and Scott Athey--1st

Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johannsen--2nd

Upper Dakota Forensic League Erik Lambrechts--UDFL Champion Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Chris Erickson and Jesse Liebe--3rd place in A Debate

Heidi Kirchner, Kristin Lentz, Jada Athey, Kevin Hagen--3rd in B Debate

Katie LaRoche--UDFL Champion in B Oratory

Molly Rausch--5th in B Extemp

Jesse Liebe--3rd in A Extemp

Alex Weber--4th in A Oratory

Jesse Liebe--4th in Serious Interp

Alex Weber--5th in Serious Interp

Watertown Novice Individual Events Stephen DeBoer--B Extemp--1st place

Florian Rhinow--A Extemp--3rd place

Ashley Dailie--B Oratory--3rd place

Bell Debate and Individual Events 1st Class A Sweepstakes

Jesse Liebe and Chris Erickson--Semi-finalist--Varsity Policy

Jesse Liebe--Johan Johnson Award for being the top Speaker in Varsity Policy Debate

Chris Erickson and Jesse Liebe--Speaker Awards for Varsity Policy

Erik Lambrechts--Semi-finalist in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johansen--2nd in Novice Public Forum Debate

Katie LaRoche--4th in Novice Oratory

Florian Rhinow--3rd in Novice Extemp

Bulldog Invite Kristin Lentz and Jada Athey--1st in Novice A Policy (undefeated)

Anna Seehafer and Ellen Cameron--2nd in Novice A Policy

Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johannsen--2nd in Novice Public Forum

Tanya Baldwin, Danielle Dearborn, Ashley Dailie, Megan Ludwig--2nd in Novice B Policy (Undefeated)

Ellie Reynen, Kelsey Johnson, Daniel Tuchscherer, Matthew Kurtz--3rd in Novice B Policy (Undefeated)

PMJ Debate (Fargo Shanley) 3rd in Sweepstakes (all one class)

Novice Public Forum Champions--Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johannsen

Junior Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Champion--Florian Rhinow

Quarterfinalist in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas--Erik Lambrechts

Semi-Finalists in Varsity Policy--Jesse Liebe and Christopher Erickson

Speaker Award for Varsity Policy Debate--Jesse Liebe

Sioux Falls Lincoln Silver Bowl Debate and IE 1st Class A Sweepstakes

Erik Lambrechts--Speaker Award in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Heidi Kirchner--3rd place in Novice Original Oratory

Kristin Lentz--4th place in Novice Extemp

Jesse Liebe--3rd in Honors Finals of Foreign Extemp

Florian Rhinow--5th in Honors Finals of Novice Extemp

Washington Public Forum Alex Weber and Steph Gruba--Varsity Public Forum--3rd Place

Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johannsen--Novice Public Forum--4th

Watertown Speech Fiesta Class A Sweepstakes Champions

Erik Lambrechts--Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Champion

Florian Rhinow--Junior Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate semi-finalist

Andrew Johannsen and Phillip Curtis--Novice Public Forum Champions

Heidi Kirchner--2nd in Novice Oratory

Florian Rhinow--2nd in Novice International Extemp

Erik Lambrechts--5th in Varsity US Extemp

Yankton Lewis and Clark Debate and IE 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Erik Lambrechts--advanced to Final Round--Runner-up in Varsity Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Alex Weber and Steph Gruba--advanced to final round of Varsity Public Forum--Runner-up in Varsity Public Forum

Katie LaRoche--3rd in Novice Oratory

Erik Lambrechts--5th in Varsity Domestic Extemp

Andrew Johannsen and Phillip Curtis--3rd in Novice Public Forum

Kristin Lentz--Speaker Award in Novice A Policy

Madison Mundt Debate and IE 1st in Class A Sweepstakes

Heidi Kirchner--Finalist in Novice Original Oratory

Katie LaRoche--Finalist in Novice Original Oratory

Heidi Kirchner and Kristin Lentz--2nd in Novice A Policy

Andrew Johannsen and Phillip Curtis--Novice Public Forum Champions

Scott Athey and Ethan Ligh--2nd in Novice Public Forum

National Forensic League District Contest Erik Lambrechts--Lincoln/Douglas debate champion and qualifier for National Tournament in Dallas

Jesse Liebe--International Extemp speaking Champion and qualifier for National Tournament in Dallas

Jesse Liebe and Christopher Erickson--4th in Policy Debate

Katie Jones and Dillon Lichtsinn--4th in Duet Interp

Heidi Kirchner--7th in Original Oratory

Katie Jones--7th in Dramatic Interp

State A Debate and IE Class A State Champions  (third year in a row)

Jesse Liebe--State Champion in Foreign Extemp

Alexandra Weber--State Champion in Original Oratory

Christopher Erickson--State Champion in US Extemp

Katie LaRoche--3rd place in Original Oratory

Erik Lambrechts--3rd place in US Extemp

Florian Rhinow--5th place in Foreign Extemp

Erik Lambrechts and Florian Rhinow--Co Champs in Lincoln/Douglas Debate (Milbank closed out the division)

Kristin Lentz and Heidi Kirchner--Semi-Finalists in Policy Debate

Christopher Erickson and Jesse Liebe--Semi-Finalists in Policy Debate

Phillip Curtis and Andrew Johannsen--Semi-FInalists in Public Forum Debate

Stephanie Gruba and Alexandra Weber--Quarterfinalists in Public Forum Debate

Upper Dakota Forensic League Conference Outstanding Presiding Officers--Jesse Liebe, Erik Lambrechts, Scott Athey

Outstanding Speakers--Laura Streich, Ellie Reynen, Christopher Erickson

Superior Speakers--Tanya Baldwin, Katie LaRoche

Nominated--Matthew Kurtz

East River Student Congress Presiding Officer of the Senate--Jesse Liebe

Nominated--Breanna Dirksen

Milbank Congress Outstanding Presiding Officer--Jesse Liebe

Outstanding Presiding Officer--Erik Lambrechts

Outstanding Presiding Officer--Tanya Baldwin

Outstanding Presiding Officer--Scott Athey

Outstanding Speaker--Ellen Cameron

Outstanding Speaker--Kevin Hagen

Superior Speaker--Laura Streich

Superior Speaker--Ellie Reynen

Superior Speaker--Andrew Leddy

Nominated--Kristin Lentz, Molly Rausch


Watertown Congress Outstanding Presiding Officer and Superior Speaker--Jesse Liebe

Outstanding Speaker--Christopher Erickson

Outstanding Speaker--Andrew Johannsen

Superior Speaker--Matt Kurtz

Nominated--Megan Ludwig

NFL Student Congress Chris Erickson--Outstanding Speaker in the Senate for Friday session

Chris Erickson--Named National Senator for the national contest in Dallas in June

Jesse Liebe--Presiding officer in the Senate for Friday session

Jesse Liebe--Presiding officer in the Senate for Saturday session

Jesse Liebe--Bill accepted for 2006-2007 season

Erik Lambrechts--Presiding officer in House of Representatives for Friday Session

Erik Lambrechts--Presiding officer in House of Representatives for Saturday session

Alex Weber--nominated as a top speaker in her house for Friday session

Erik Lambrechts won a Harold Jordan Award as one of the four top LD speakers for the season.

Jesse Liebe won a D. C. Reutter Award as one of the top 4 policy debaters in the state for the season.


Nationals--Dallas, Texas Erik Lambrechts made the run-off round where he was victorious.  He won round seven before dropping rounds 8 and 9, thus being eliminated.  He won a Jefferson Silver Cup for his accomplishment.  Erik competed in impromptu speaking as his consolation event. 

Christopher Erickson advanced to the semi-final round of the Senate.  He received a Mundt Medal for his accomplishment.  Chris also competed in impromptu as his consolation event.

Jesse Liebe competed in Foreign Extemp, Extemp Commentary, and Impromptu.



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