Milbank High School National Forensic Leauge Chapter


Milbank High School has had a chapter of the National Forensic League since 1950.  MHS belongs to the Northern SD NFL district, consistently one of the largest districts in the nation based on average number of member and degrees per schools.  MHS is a member of the 200 club which means we are among the largest 5% of chapters in the nation--not bad for a small town high school in the Upper Plains.  For the year 2007-2008, we had a total of 275 degrees--which is a chapter record for us  We are governed locally by a Board of Directors.  Six students are elected each spring to serve on the Board.  Four of them must be juniors or seniors during their term.  NFL is basically an honorary organization, but we do have some activities in which we participate.  NFL is the hosting group for the following contests:

Milbank High School Oral Interp Festival 

Milbank High School Novice Oral Interp Festival

Milbank Middle School Oral Interp Festival

Milbank Novice Debate and Justin Maass Memorial Debate (3 contests)

Milbank After School Student Congress

At these events we also run the concession stands.  Money raised is used for supplies for the forensic program, financial aid to students attending summer camps in forensics, honorary awards, and tournament travel, including national tournament expenses.

The MHS 2008-2009 NFL Board of Directors includes:  Breanna Dirksen, Ellie Reynen, Megan Ludwig, Daniel Tuchscherer, Amanda Lambrechts, Tanya Baldwin, Scott Athey, and Kylie Poel. 

Watch your NFL points grow.  They are kept online at the NFL national site in Ripon, Wisconsin.  Milbank's current list may be found .