2004-2005 Milbank High School Forensics Results

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Milbank Oral Interp Festival 1st Superiors--Humorous, Kyra Tietjen;  Drama, Jesse Liebe; Prose, Alex Weber; Poetry, Jami Buttke; Duo, Jenna Carlson and Kaylee Mundwiler; Oratory, Emily Haney-Caron; Readers' Theatre, Moo Cows--Carly Dearborn, Jenifer Jones, Jesse Liebe, Kyra Tietjen, Jamie Buttke, Kaylee Mundwiler, Cell Block Tango--Jessica Page, Rhiana Tuchscherer, Paula Dirksen, Emily Haney-Caron, Katie Jones, Susan Hicks
Deuel Interp * Sweepstakes--2nd place

Readers Theatre--Moo Cows--2nd (Jenifer Jones, Jesse Liebe, Jami Buttke, Kaylee Mundwiler, Carly Dearborn, Kyra Tietjen)

Poetry--Jami Buttke--3rd

NSU Oral Interp *Sweepstakes--1st place

Readers Theatre--1st--Cell Block Tango--Jessica Page, Katie Jones, Katie Hagen, Rhianna Tuchscherer, Paula Dirksen, Emily Haney-Caron

Readers Theatre--2nd--Moo Cows--Carly Dearborn, Kyra Tietjen, Kaylee Mundwiler, Jamie Buttke, Jesse Liebe, Jenifer Jones

Prose--2nd--Jenifer Jones, 4th--Jessica Page

Humorous--1st--Kyra Tietjen

Drama--2nd--Jesse Liebe

Poetry--3rd--Jami Buttke

Oratory--2nd--Emily Haney-Caron

Duo--2nd--Chris Erickson and Dustin Grorud, 4th--Katie Jones and Rhianna Tuchscherer

Watertown Pumpkinstakes Outstanding in Discussion--Paul Stoick

Original Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--5th place

Brookings Fall Festival 1st Superiors--Poetry--Jamie Buttke, Drama--Jesse Liebe, Prose--Jenifer Jones, Humorous--Kyra Tietjen, Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron, Duo--Dustin Grorud and Chris Erickson, Reader's Theatre--Cell Block Tango (Emily Haney-Caron, Paula Dirksen, Jessica Page, Rhianna Tuchscherer, Katie Hagen, Katie Jones), Moo Cows (Kaylee Mundwiler, Carly Dearborn, Jesse Liebe, Jenifer Jones, Kyra Tietjen, Jami Buttke)
Washington Warrior *Sweepstakes--2nd

Non-Original Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--4th

Readers' Theatre--Cell Block Tango--6th (Katie Hagen, Katie Jones, Rhianna Tuchscherer, Paula Dirksen, Jessica Page, Emily Haney-Caron)

Experienced Public Forum--Dustin Grorud and Amanda Schmidt--2nd

Roosevelt Roughrider *Sweepstakes--1st

Varsity LD--Emily Haney-Caron--2nd

Aberdeen Golden Cup Challenge *Sweepstakes--1st

Duo--Carly Dearborn and Kaylee Mundwiler--5th in Duo

Readers' Theatre--Cell Block Tango (Rhianna Tuchscherer, Katie Jones, Katie Hagen, Emily Haney-Caron, Paula Dirksen, Jessica Page)--3rd; Moo Cows (Jesse Liebe, Carly Dearborn, Kaylee Mundwiler, Jami Buttke, Rachel Tillman, Kyra Tietjen)--4th

Experienced Public Forum Debate--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud--3rd

Region 3 A Oral Interp *Sweepstakes--Region Champions--Milbank qualified speakers for the State Festival in six of the seven categories.

Readers' Theatre--Cell Block Tango--1st (Jessica Page, Paula Dirksen, Emily Haney-Caron, Rhianna Tuchscherer, Katie Hagen, Katie Jones

Drama--Jesse Liebe--1st

Humorous--Kyra Tietjen--1st

Poetry--Jami Buttke--1st

Duo--Chris Erickson and Dustin Grorud--1st

Prose--Jenifer Jones--2nd

Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--1st alternate

Watertown Novice Debate 2nd place--Molly Rausch and Laura Streich (3-0) and Kyle Reedstrom and Brodie Glanzer (2-1)

Undefeated teams--Molly Rausch and Laura Streich (aff)  Kevin Hagen and Grant Kuper (neg)

Cougar Classic Interp *Sweepstakes--2nd in Class A

Readers' Theatre (Moo Cows) 3rd--Carly Dearborn, Jami Buttke, Chris Erickson, Jenifer Jones, Kaylee Mundwiler, Kyra Tietjen

Aberdeen Novice Ringneck Debate B--2nd--Brodie Glanzer and Kyle Reedstrom

Undefeated--Kristin Lentz and Heidi Kirchner

State Oral Interp * Team Excellence Award

Superior--Jesse Liebe, Drama

Superior--Cell Block Tango (Jessica Page, Katie Hagen, Paula Dirksen, Emily Haney-Caron, Katie Jones, Rhianna Tuchscherer)--Readers' Theatre

Superior--Jami Buttke, Poetry

Superior--Chris Erickson and Dustin Grorud, Duet Interp

Superior--Kyra Tietjen, Humorous

Superior--Jenifer Jones--Serious Prose

Lisa Sippel Memorial Novice Debate Debate Undefeated Certificates--Katie LaRoche and Steph Gruba
Justin Maass Memorial Novice Debate Undefeated Ribbons--Kristin Lentz and Caroline Hicks

2nd Place--Ellen Cameron, Heather Adams, Brodie Glanzer, and Kyle Reedstrom

3rd Place--Jada Athey, Brenna Cloos, Kristin Lentz, and Caroline Hicks

Upper Dakota Forensic League A Policy--Jesse Liebe and Kaylee Mundwiler- 3rd place

B Policy--Paul Stoick, Dillon Lichtsinn, Alex Weber, and Katie Jones--2nd Place

LD--Emily Haney-Caron--3rd place

Public Forum--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud--2nd place

Humorous--Kyra Tietjen--Conference Champion, Kaylee Mundwiler--4th place

A Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--5th place

B Oratory--Alex Weber--2nd place, Katie Jones--6th place

Duo--Dustin Grorud and Chris Erickson--Conference Champions

A Extemp--Kaylee Mundwiler--3rd, Dustin Grorud--4th, Emily Lentz--5th

Novice Interp--Stephanie Wood--5th

Bell Debate and Individual Events *Class A Sweepstakes--1st place

JV Policy Semifinalists--Erik Lambrechts and Kaylee Mundwiler

Varsity LD Semifinalist--Emily Haney-Caron

Public Forum--3rd place--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud

Varsity US Extemp--Emily Lentz--3rd place

Varsity Original Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--4th place

Duet Interp--Chris Erickson and Dustin Grorud--5th place

Bulldog Novice Invitational Novice B Policy--1st--Anna Seehafer, Ellen Cameron, Brodie Glanzer, Kyle Reedstrom,

Novice B Policy--3rd--Grant Kuper and Phillip Curtis

Novice B Policy--4th--Jada Athey, Heather Adams, Kristin Lentz, and Kevin Hagen

Novice Public Forum--2nd--Heather Erickson, Hannah Maass, Isaiah Folk

Undefeated Ribbons--Grant Kuper and Phillip Curtis, Brodi Glanzer and Kyle Reedstrom

Fargo Shanley Debate *Sweepstakes--4th place

Varsity LD--Emily Haney-Caron--semi-finalist

Varsity LD--Emily Lentz--Quarterfinalist

Junior Varsity LD--Erik Lambrechts--Certificate Recognition for Record

Varsity Public Forum--Dustin Grorud and Amanda Schmidt--2nd

Lincoln Silver Bowl Washington Public Forum Varsity US Extemp--Emily Lentz--5th place

Varsity Original Oratory--Emily Haney-Caron--6th place

Junior Varsity Policy Debate--Erik Lambrechts and Chris Erickson--Semi-Finalists

Watertown Speech Fiesta *sweepstakes--1st

Junior Varsity Lincoln/Douglas--Erik Lambrechts--Champion

Public Forum--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud--Champions

Impromptu--Emily Lentz--2nd

Varsity Lincoln/Douglas--Emily Haney-Caron--Quarterfinalist

Championship Policy Debate--Chris Erickson and Jesse Liebe--Quarterfinalists

Yankton Lewis and Clark *Sweepstakes--2nd in Class A

Varsity Foreign Extemp--Jesse Liebe--5th

Varsity Public Forum--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud--3rd place

KE Mundt (Madison) *Sweepstakes--1st in Class A

Novice Public-Forum--Cassie Briggs and Erin Holtquist--1st place

NFL Qualifiers Public Forum--National Qualifiers--Dustin Grorud and Amand Schmidt

US Extemp--1st Alternate to Nationals--Emily Lentz

Lincoln/Douglas Debate--1st Alternate to Nationals--Emily Haney-Caron

Public Forum--Rachel Tillman and Alex Weber--6th place

Policy--Chris Erickson and Jesse Liebe--7th place

State Debate and Individual Events Sweepstakes--1st--Class A Champions

Foreign Extemp--State Champion--Jesse Liebe, Dustin Grorud--3rd place

US Extemp--3rd place--Emily Lentz, 6th place--Chris Erickson

Original Oratory--4th place--Emily Haney-Caron, 6th place--Alex Weber

Lincoln Douglas Debate--Co-State Champions--Emily Haney-Caron and Emily Lentz

Policy Debate--Erik Lambrechts and Kaylee Mundwiler--Semi-finalists

                        Christopher Erickson and Jesse Liebe--Semi-Finals (A judge circled the incorrect winner (negative when he meant affirmative) in the semi-final round and that kept them from competing in the championship final round.)

Public Forum Debate--State Champions-- Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud

                            Alex Weber and Rachel Tillman--Quarter finalists

UDFL Congress Superior Speakers--Jenna Carlson, Dustin Grorud, Alex Weber

Joanne Thurman Award--Emily Lentz

Milbank Congress Outstanding Speaker--Jesse Liebe

Superior Speaker--Emily Lentz, Alex Weber

Nominated Speakers--Jada Athey, Rachel Tillman

Deuel Congress Outstanding Presiding Officer--Dustin Grorud

Superior Speaker--Emily Lentz

Nominated Speakers--Erik Lambrechts, Emily Haney-Caron, Jenna Carlson

Brookings Congress Outstanding Presiding Officer--Kaylee Mundwiler

Superior Speakers--Emily Lentz, Jesse Liebe, Dustin Grorud, Emily Haney-Caron

NFL District Congress Superior Speaker for both Friday and Saturday sessions--National Senate Qualifier--Emily Lentz

Outstanding Speaker Saturday Session--Dustin Grorud

The following were Nominated for a top speaker position in their house:  Jesse Liebe, Friday: Dustin Grorud, Friday; Chris Erickson, Saturday; Emily Haney-Caron both days

Christopher Erickson authored a bill that will be used for next year's Student Congresses.  Emily Lentz authored two pieces of legislation that will be used next year.

Coach of the Year Finalist--Douglas Tschetter

Nationals in Philadelphia US CHAMPIONS of the INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC FORUM DIVISION--Amanda Schmidt and Dustin Grorud

Amanda and Dustin did a final exhibition round against a team from Zimbabwe

Emily Lentz tied for 22nd place in Story-telling.