2013-14 Forensic Schedule

October 7—Milbank After School Interp Festival--Milbank (interp)

October 12--Flroence Interp Contest—Florence (Interp)

October 15—Milbank Novice After School Interp Festival--Milbank (Interp)

October 19—NSU Oral Interp Contest—Aberdeen (Interp)

October 17—Arlington Oral Interp Invitational—Arlington (Interp)

October 26--DSU Interp--Madison (Interp)

October 28—Brookings Fall Festival Interp—Brookings (Interp)

November 2 —Pumpkinstakes IE and Discussion—Watertown (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

November 8-9—Washington/Roosevelt Swing IE and Debate--Sioux Falls (Interp and Public Address on Friday, Debate on Saturday)

November ??—Dell Rapids Quarrier Invitational Oral Interp Festival—Dell Rapids (Interp)

November 5--Brookings After School Novice Debate (Debate)

November 15-16 —Golden Eagle Debate and IE--Aberdeen (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

November 12 —Region 3 Interp Contest—Aberdeen (Interp)

November 19--After School Novice Debate--Watertown (Debate)

December 6-7—State Oral Interp Festival—Watertown (Interp)

December 3 —Lisa Sippel Novice After School Debate—Groto (Debate)

December 14 —Upper Dakota Forensic League (Conference)—Watertown (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

December 17—After-School Novice Individual Events—Watertown (Interp, Public Address)

December 20-21 —Bell Debate and Individual Events—Brookings (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

January ?? —PMJ Debate—Fargo Shanley (Debate)

January 17-18 —Sioux Falls Lincoln Silver Bowl (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

January 24-25 —Watertown Speech Fiesta (Interp, Public Address, Debate)—Watertown

January 31-February 1 —Yankton Lewis and Clark—Yankton (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

February 14--Harrisburg Tournament--Harrisburg (Interp, ,Public Address, Debate)

February 28-March 1—Northern SD NFL District—Brookings  (Interp, Public Address, Debate)

March 7-8 —State Debate and IE--Huron (Public Address, Debate)



March 25—UDFL Student Congress—Groton

March 28—East River Congress—Brookings

March 31—Milbank After School Congress—Milbank

April 11—Northern SD NFL Congress--Pierre


Middle School Contests

March 29--Milbank

April 5--Brookings

April 12--Watertown